What is graylog?

Graylog is a log management platform that helps us collect, index and analyze both structured and unstructured data from almost any source.

Why should we use graylog?

Today, most applications follow a microservices architecture model, where many of these microservices are hosted on different machines. For this reason, it will take the user a long time to get the logs of each microservice on different machines at the same time.

Graylog helps us to avoid this, configuring in one place and getting the logs of all microservices in a centralized location, which will facilitate the work for the user, it should be noted that Graylog is an open source tool.


Did you know that…

Microservices architecture is a method of software application development that works as a set of small services that run independently and autonomously, providing complete business functionality. In it, each microservice is a code that can be in a different programming language, and that performs a specific function. Microservices communicate with each other through APIs, and have their own storage systems, which avoids overloading and crashing the application.


How does Graylog Enterprise help security teams?

Super-fast threat hunting: We will be able to collect and aggregate incident data to search for malware, cybercriminals and phishing. This tool will help us to explore data without having a complete plan before embarking on the search. Graylog’s integrated dashboards and reports lie in its ability to expand and reveal more information on the fly, drilling down into the data to find the right answers.


Comprehensive incident investigation: Detect threats and breaches across your enterprise with visualization of correlated data from all sources, organized on a single screen. With Graylog’s real-time information at your fingertips, you can quickly locate the source of your problems.

Prepares your team to proactively reduce risk before a small problem becomes a big one


Flexibility to adapt to your SOC: Enhance capabilities and strengthen security by combining SIEM and log management. Graylog will allow us to see alerts immediately by visualizing metrics and trends in one central location so you can understand where and how a threat started, the path it took, what it impacted and how to fix it. Maximum protection with minimum risk.

Use field statistics, quick values and graphs from the search results page to dive into deeper analysis of your data. Look for indicators of compromise to immediately identify any signs of malicious activity.


Identify malicious activity: Find the real threats in massive amounts of data produced by firewall logs, applications, endpoint operating systems, network equipment, DNS requests. Identify issues such as USB devices connected to sensitive endpoints or browser plug-in installations with known vulnerabilities. With the right fenders in place, your safety posture has never been stronger.


Know the impact: Trace the path of an incident to identify which systems, files and data have been accessed through log files. Combine log data with intelligence on threats, human resource systems, physical security systems, Active Directory, geolocation and more for additional insights and data visualizations.


Automate reporting: Easily monitor trends over time and comply with cybersecurity policies that require daily, weekly, monthly log reviews with inbox dashboards sent on a scheduled basis. Graylog’s highly intuitive GUI-based report generator to get the information you want, exactly the way you want it.

Here is a comparison chart of Graylog Community vs Graylog Enterprise

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