Cybersecurity is gaining more and more ground in the business world, what was once considered an expense is now a necessity, and should be included in your budget, regardless of whether you are a small, medium or large company.

Cybercriminals no longer look at the size of the organization, anyone can be a target. Although we may find it hard to accept, cybercriminals are enterprising individuals, evolving over time, developing new and improved business models to make their malicious activities ever more lucrative.


Who is going to attack me, I am a small company?

I am sorry to tell you that nowadays cybermafias, have identified a niche market, in which the idea is to bill by volume, instead of attacking a large company with various controls, and higher level of complexity, they attack thousands of small and medium enterprises, with little or no awareness of cybersecurity.

Let’s see it in numbers with the typical RANSOMWARE attack

Virus Malware Ransomware wannacry encrypted your files and requi

Large Company



DARKNET at the service of cybercriminals 

The most dangerous thing is that it is not only cybermafias or organized crime that are carrying out this type of activities. Acquiring a Ransomware pack on the black market can cost you about 3.99 USD (including documentation, administrative interface and 24/7 technical support), which means that this type of malware is available to anyone with average computer skills.

Reality in SMEs

Another reality faced by companies is the reduced budgets, lack of trained personnel, which makes it much more difficult for them to respond to this type of events or even the implementation of controls that help reduce the likelihood of falling victim to a cyberattack, and that’s where Managed Cybersecurity Services come into play.

Clarifying the concept

If you are not from the TEC world and you are from legal, finance or any administrative area, you must be wondering what is this “Cybersecurity Managed Service”. They are companies that, through a highly trained group of cybersecurity professionals, are responsible for:

Managed Cybersecurity Service

It sounds like something really complicated and expensive. Erase that idea from your head! Many companies have customized plans for organizations of different sizes and needs, so I invite you to continue reading…

“I’m afraid of an outsider having access to my network.”


I’m sure it was the first thing that came to your mind, while reading this article, and it’s definitely not an easy decision to make, however, let this not be a deterrent. For many years we have had support from external companies in our organizations without using the name “Managed Service” or “Outsourcing” and I give you some simple examples.

And there are many examples like that, mainly with the use of Cloud and the SaaS (Software as a Service) service model.

You mean they atone for me?

Do not misunderstand my words, I mean that we have always had services managed by third parties, and these services are limited by contracts, which define the scope of this, the rules of confidentiality of information, response times and responsibilities of the parties involved.


Why should I hire a Managed Cybersecurity Service?


Ask yourself the following questions

If the answer to the above questions is Yes, then it means that you need help from a multidisciplinary team of specialists who are 100% dedicated to protecting the security of your organization and that is where “Managed Cybersecurity Services” come in.

I can hire a specialist…

Managed cybersecurity services are an effective answer, as it will always be more complicated to hire dedicated cybersecurity personnel with the right training and experience. Considering that the techniques developed by cybercriminals evolve, they need the cybersecurity professional to keep up to date at all times which translates to thousands of dollars in training.

Advantages of Cybersecurity Managed Services.

Leave your cybersecurity in the hands of specialists

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