A normal day at the office

Comprehensive protection for companies that never stop

It’s 8 o’clock in the morning and the day begins in an IT department (in many cases composed of 1 all-knowledgeable person and a Manager), 10 calls, 20 emails, multiple situations to solve, the typical fun day.

He arrives at 6pm ready to leave and receives a very frightened user indicating that he lost access to all his files and one of them is a project big enough and important enough that could lead the company to a delicate economic position, he contacts his Technical Support and asks him to recover the files at all costs, his analyst runs to the user’s workstation and a super message that says “All your files have been encrypted”.


The beginning of a bad day

Ramsomware and all its variants has knocked on your door, you start getting calls from upper management and multiple users complaining about the same problem, and you think “Why is this happening to me”, your Support Analyst comes to you and says, a virus has infected our network and you reply “What happened to the antivirus?”, and you get a I had installed one that I downloaded from the internet cracked because you said there was no budget and it was unlikely that we would be attacked.

You know how it is. Start the day with a never-ending to-do list. He spends his mornings attending meetings, solving problems with clients and attending to his team’s needs, among other tasks. The afternoon arrives and, far from being able to rest, he discovers that he still has hundreds of e-mails to answer. Not surprisingly, those with small businesses work 63% more than average employees (although they would probably be bored with fewer tasks).
The sun goes down. Most people think of rest and rejuvenation. You, on the other hand, are preparing for a night of staring at the ceiling and thinking about the future of the company, the meeting you’ll have in the morning and that position you haven’t been able to fill yet. One third of SME owners sleep just five hours a day.
There are few things he doesn’t pay attention to. But there is one issue – a nightmare – that, like many, you may be choosing to ignore: cyberattacks.

60% of SMEs mistakenly believe that it is unlikely to be a victim of a cyber-attack and that security is an expense, not an investment.

In a world where everything is digital, the risk of being attacked is far from hypothetical: last year, the number of cyber-attacks against small businesses increased by 14%.

Imagine how much simpler everything would be if you could take care of your company’s security once, and only once.

Kaspersky Small Office Security: comprehensive protection for businesses that never stop

Designed to help successful small businesses (with 5 to 25 users) meet their challenges, Kaspersky Small Office Security provides standalone protection that can be deployed and forgotten. It is the ideal solution to take the worry out of security. Attach it to your systems and personal devices to protect your data, your money and your employees.

Those who already use the solution in their companies are delighted. The simple act of purchasing a license has taken some of the security burden off their shoulders. With the knowledge that everything is protected (servers, disks, networks, personal devices, passwords, remote employees, etc.), they are free to focus on other business priorities.

Solve the unfinished business of security

If you would like to focus on your company’s strategic priorities, choose Kaspersky Small Office Security. It offers comprehensive protection for businesses that never stop. Take the test, buy a license and breathe. You will have protection for every person, every device and every click. There is nothing better.

Take care and forget about security: try Kaspersky Small Office Security today for thirty days FREE OF CHARGE.
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