Zero Trust, fortaleciendo la primera línea de defensa: Usuarios

Zero Trust, sus orígenes y cambios en el tiempo Zero Trust se originó como una filosofía o concepto centrado en un principio cardinal: nunca confiar, siempre verificar, acuñado por John Kindervag, un exvicepresidente y analista principal de Forrester, en 2010. Sin embargo, con el transcurso del tiempo, varios fabricantes han adoptado este término para definir […]

Cybersecurity: a key investment for long-term business growth.

Today, thebusiness environment isconstantly evolving towards digital, but there is one obstacle that is still holding back the growth of organizations: cybersecurity. The steadily rising cost of data breaches, with average losses of up to $4.35 million by 2022, has made cyber attacks a top concern for business owners. For this reason, more and more […]

SMEs the Cybercrime PlayGround

2022 was a challenging year for all companies, regardless of their size, economic activity and even level of cybersecurity budget. Social Engineering, Ransomware and ZeroDays attacks were mainly responsible for the headache of many IT departments and even the closure of many companies that did not have the economic muscle or the right strategy to […]

Cybersecurity, the unfinished business

A normal day at the office It’s 8 o’clock in the morning and the day begins in an IT department (in many cases composed of 1 all-knowledgeable person and a Manager), 10 calls, 20 emails, multiple situations to solve, the typical fun day. He arrives at 6pm ready to leave and receives a very frightened […]

Should I hire an IT Outsourcing Service?

IT Outsourcing The outsourcing service is something that has been with us for many years and has evolved over time. With the technological revolution generated by the pandemic, it became an immediate necessity for many organizations, regardless of their size or line of business. Wait… What is Outsourcing? These are services offered and developed by […]


Cybersecurity is gaining more and more ground in the business world, what was once considered an expense is now a necessity, and should be included in your budget, regardless of whether you are a small, medium or large company. Cybercriminals no longer look at the size of the organization, anyone can be a target. Although […]


Before going into the details of SASE, it is important to understand a little of the background of this new term. Existing network approaches and technologies simply no longer provide the levels of security and access control needed by digital organizations. These organizations demand immediate and uninterrupted access for their users, no matter where they […]

Protection with pFsense

The firewall is that piece of technology that must be part of every network. When we talk about firewalls, we immediately think of the large number of commercial solutions on the market, but we are unaware of the existence of a robust, secure and reliable platform such as PfSense.   What is pfSense? The pfSense […]

The increasingly important role of the CISO

Just as cybercriminals see an opportunity to break into systems, CISOs have the opportunity to play a larger role at the executive level. Due to the arrival of covid, cyber-attacks have increased, especially those of ransomware type, this is because companies are rushed by the pandemic to digitally transform organizations forgetting a very important factor, […]

Cloud security

In order to go into detail on the subject of cloud security, we must be clear about what cloud computing is. cloud computing. Cloud Computing is a business model based on the delivery of on-demand services, whether software, hardware or storage. In which the main objective is to acquire resources when needed. The benefits of […]