Graylog OpenSource Log Centralizer and Analyzer

What is graylog? Graylog is a log management platform that helps us collect, index and analyze both structured and unstructured data from almost any source. Why should we use graylog? Today, most applications follow a microservices architecture model, where many of these microservices are hosted on different machines. For this reason, it will take the […]

Defend your WordPress with Wordfence

WordPress security is a very important issue, as you can never know when you will be attacked and in what way. WordPress is under constant threat from cybercriminals. 34.5% of all websites on the Internet run on WordPress, it is worth noting that WordPress is the CMS that accounts for more than 90% of all […]

Protect your business with Wazuh EDR Open Source

Wazuh addresses the need for continuous monitoring and response to advanced threats.  It focuses on providing the right visibility, with the knowledge to help security analysts discover, investigate and respond to threats and attack campaigns at multiple points. Wazuh helps detect hidden exploit processes that are more complex than a simple signature pattern and can […]

Top 10 Cyber Threats 2020

Cybercrime the best paid business!!! Cybercrime is big business and growing every year. An increasing amount of malware is being introduced. With the increase in the number of Internet-connected devices ranging from refrigerators to other useful tools, there is an increase in the avenues that cybercriminals can fraudulently acquire your information and use to their […]

Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence (AI) applications for cybersecurity tasks are attracting increased attention from the public and private sectors. Estimates indicate that the cybersecurity AI market will grow to a net worth of $34.8 billion by 2025. The latest national cybersecurity and defense strategies of several governments explicitly mention AI capabilities. At the same time, initiatives are […]