Kaspersky endpoint security cloud

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud offers small and medium-sized businesses comprehensive and effortless cloud-based protection against known and unknown threats, including ransomware and other attacks.

The product is available in two levels:

For companies with 10-100 employees

what does it offer you?

kaspersky endpoint security cloud

Avoid threats to keep your business up and running.

Protect your Windows desktops and file servers, Mac OS workstations, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Compensate for the lack of IT resources and budget.

Instant protection with predetermined security policies, developed by our professionals.
Available under monthly subscription to free up financial resources.

Gain greater visibility into the cloud.

Invisible IT detection to reveal uncontrolled sharing of enterprise data in clouds and uncover users wasting time on social networking and messaging apps.

kaspersky endpoint security cloud best practices

It covers the following recommendations from “Cyber Security: Small Business Guide” by the National Cyber Security Centre, UK.

why choose kaspersky endpoint security cloud?

approved and guaranteed solutions

An automated solution to reduce IT costs and free up resources

- No hardware or software provisioning.
- Simply register for Cloud Kaspersky.
- Instant protection with predefined policies developed by our security professionals.

Safeguards remote workers no matter where they are located

- Manage remote users with a cloud-based console and remote policy enforcement.
- Two free mobile device licenses per user.

Keep your customers' endpoints safe from cyberthreats

- Focus on cloud-oriented customers.
- Increase the average size of the agreement.

Key Features of Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud

The benefits of Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud are divided into three main sections:


Simple and intuitive cloud-based console.
Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud is managed from a simple cloud-based console. It is available at any time, from any location, and does not require the administrator’s device to be located on the same network as the managed devices. When the administrator logs into the console, the specialized Getting Started page provides simple steps to secure the company’s devices. The page also indicates whether the security settings have reached the required level, which is adequate most of the time, and how to reach the recommended level.

To save time when configuring security, each Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud workspace contains a default security profile (see figure below). A workspace is configured to provide effective protection for a typical environment. The default security profile is automatically applied on each device after it is connected to the Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Administration Console component. This design saves time in security configuration and provides protection right out of the box, even without the intervention of an administrator.

Each security profile contains security settings for devices running Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Google Android and Apple iOS. This agreement allows you to set up and maintain a single security profile instead of four, assign the profile to users or a group of users, and maintain consistency of security settings for users.

Main competitive advantages

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