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Don't be afraid of the unknown, stop it!

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why do i need a 24/7 SOC SERVICE?

Cybercrime does not rest; they operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, using sophisticated tools and techniques to commit their crimes, affecting the operation of thousands of organizations globally.

Your IT or Cybersecurity department is working possibly 40 hours per week, making it impossible for them to stop or detect threats while they sleep.

Our 24/7 Security Operation Center offers you a cybersecurity incident detection and response service 365 days a year, using artificial intelligence and predictive and proactive security, allowing us to detect and stop various threats before they affect your systems.


Exclusive for SMEs

Most of the detection and response services available on the market are aimed at large companies, with sufficient budget to cover this type of services, which leaves out of the game the owners of small and medium-sized companies, making them an easy target for cybercriminals.

Our 100% managed service is available to any organization with at least 5 assets or endpoints (Others more than 100), and the best at a very affordable price.


100% Managed

A highly trained team of SOC Analysts will be in charge of monitoring and investigating threats.

Automated Threat Containment

All malicious or unknown software is executed in an isolated virtual environment, fooling the malware without interrupting user operations.

Integrated Threat Intelligence

AI machine learning with a large managed global intelligence footprint that continuously learns and stops pre-execution of attacks.

Proactive Threat Hunt

Our experts continuously search through generated records and forensic artifacts for anomalous and suspicious activity in your organization.


  • Unparalleled, patented preventive protection. end-to-end detection and response.
  • Instant implementation in your organization,
  • Instant incorporation.
  • No more alert fatigue: we only provide actionable intelligence and alerts.
  • Real-time X-rays and reports of unknown executables with instant and responsive ZeroDwell containment.
  • Virtualization APIs ensure that attack attempts cannot access your real environment and assets.
  • Each unknown object is fully analyzed after containment, given a verdict of confidence, with full reports.
  • Managed security operations are smooth, streamlined and allow your IT team to focus on other activities.




How does it work?


We identify the amount of assets to be protected and the type of service required.


A service contract is established


We deploy the agents on your users' devices and start protecting your network from threats.


Monthly reports are provided on all findings and threats detected.

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