Pentesting | Ethical Hacking

Identify and correct vulnerabilities in your systems before the enemy does.



With every passing second a company falls victim to cybercrime, new and improved forms of attacks, ZeroDay vulnerabilities, bots and more make the task of protecting your network seem impossible.

Your IT team has implemented sophisticated cybersecurity controls, however; it is important as a leader to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are our controls really efficient?
  • What is my company’s security level compared to the industry?
  • Are we publicly exposed?
  • What is the risk of an attack on my company?

You will find out the answers to these and other questions after performing a pentesting or ethical hacking of your services.


A Pentest is a computer security assessment process that attempts to simulate a real attack on a system, human or network in order to identify and exploit as many vulnerabilities as possible in a given time.


  • We collect all information from public and/or private sources.
  • An Information Exposure Factor Report is generated with its risk level, based on the criticality of the information found.
  • Through the use of automated tools and manual assessment, we identify and debug as many vulnerabilities in your systems as possible.

  • Both an executive and technical report is provided with all findings, as well as an action plan for remediation of vulnerabilities.
    vulnerability remediation action plan is provided.
  • After the reports are delivered, the client is requested to perform the remediation of the vulnerabilities detected within a certain time frame.

  • We performed the safety assessment again, starting with the most serious risks previously identified.
    previously identified. (Maximum 2).
  • At the end of the process, a final report is delivered indicating the initial security status of the platform and the status after remediation.

  • A management presentation is made and some recommendations are given regarding security controls that will help the organization to reduce the risk in those cases that require it.
    in terms of security controls that will help the organization to reduce the risk in those cases that require it.


  • Protecting the company’s reputation: suffering a security breach can be detrimental to the brand and affect customer confidence.
  • Cost Savings: by identifying and correcting vulnerabilities before they are exploited by an attacker, you will avoid suffering financial losses due to fines or lost opportunities.
  • Improved customer trust: Customers trust companies that adequately protect their personal data.


We evaluate each field, module, user profile in detail and if requested by the client, we perform the code review.

Our web tests are based on a combination of methodologies such as OWASP and NIST.

We develop dedicated penetration tests for web applications, both for Android and IOS, in addition to cross-platform solutions. Making use of the most advanced techniques including reverse engineering and code review.

Our penetration tests will evaluate in detail each service, network, communication protocol, authentication solution, and various vectors, in search of vulnerabilities.

The cloud has extended our perimeter so evaluating the security of your cloud or hybrid infrastructure is a necessity, most of the security breaches in recent years have been due to configuration errors in cloud services. Allow us to identify these errors before the enemy does.

Our social engineering campaigns combine the techniques of Phishing + Vishing (phone calls) + SMishing (text messaging), putting into practice the techniques, tactics and procedures executed by cybercriminals. Testing the safety of your human factor.

How does it work?


We gather your requirements and define the scope of the penetration test.


A contract is established specifying the scope of the test and confirming the authorization to start.


We started the Intrusion Test


The results of the test are presented, indicating the current status of its safety.

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