Sophos Email Security

Protect sensitive data and facilitate compliance. Sophos Email automatically scans messages and attachments for sensitive data with seamless encryption integration.

Avoid data leakage

Create multi-rule DLP policies for groups and individual users to ensure protection of sensitive information by detecting financial information, sensitive content, medical information and personal information data in all emails and attachments.

Encryption and authentication

Encrypt messages and add a digital signature to verify the sender’s identity with S/MIME, or choose from customizable encryption options such as TLS encryption, message and attachment encryption (PDF and Office) or comprehensive plug-in web portal encryption.

Sophos email security
Enjoy faster and more secure e-mail

Prevent access to impostors

Automatically identify your high-profile targets to detect non-malware phishing and compromised corporate email scam attacks, then block the attack through AI-driven analysis.

Let trusted senders enter

Authenticate all your senders without blocking legitimate email messages using SPF, DKIM and DMARC authentication techniques and email header anomaly analysis.

Prevent malware from reaching the inbox

Our multi-layered protection relies on more than 35 years of threat intelligence, reputation and behavioral analysis. Artificial intelligence at the forefront to prevent malware and malicious URLs.

Why choose SOPHOS Mail Security?


Cybersecurity that fits your world.

Speed and Safety

Enjoy faster and more secure e-mail

Attack Surface Reduction

Sophos Email Security is part of a broader Sophos protection ecosystem and to automate threat detection and response.

Available on AWS

Sophos Email is now available alongside other Sophos public cloud security solutions in the AWS Marketplace.

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