The ultimate replacement for the Remote access VPN

Improved security

ZTNA eliminates vulnerable VPN clients, integrates device security status, and removes the implicit trust and broad network access provided by VPN. Enables granular access to resources based on security state and identity-based policies to improve your security posture.

Simpler management

Unlike traditional VPNs, ZTNA is designed to adapt quickly and easily. It is distributed and managed in the cloud at Sophos Central. Sophos ZTNA offers a unique single-agent, single-console, single-vendor solution with Sophos Intercept X for easy deployment and management.

Transparent experience

ZTNA works reliably everywhere without interfering with your work: at home, hotels, airports or in the office. It just works, every time. Users won't even know it's there, which means fewer calls to the support team and less headaches for everyone.

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Single integration: ZTNA and Next-Gen protection for endpoints

End-to-end protection

With Sophos ZTNA and Intercept X, you’ll be protecting not only access to your applications, but also your endpoints and network from ransomware and other advanced threats with the most powerful next-gen endpoint and machine learning technology available.

Synchronized Security

Sophos ZTNA and Intercept X constantly share status and security information to automatically isolate compromised systems to prevent threats from spreading or stealing data.

One agent, one console, one supplier

Sophos ZTNA and Intercept X are part of the world’s most trusted cybersecurity ecosystem. They are deployed together as a single client agent and both are managed together from Sophos Central. It’s a winning combination you won’t find anywhere else.

Better and simpler security

Flexible application access

Achieve transparent clientless access for web-based applications. In addition, protect your SSH, RDP, VNC and other TCP/UDP thick client applications through the Sophos ZTNA client.

Granular control

You have complete control over exactly who has access to which application and under what conditions, all from Sophos Central.

Seamless end-user experience

Your end users won’t even notice the agile, transparent protection that allows them to stay productive from anywhere.


Sophos ZTNA has been designed from the ground up to make accessing the zero trust network easy, integrated and secure.

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